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My Valentine’s gift to me💖

For Valentine’s, I blocked him 🚫

And in doing so, I chose myself👩‍❤️‍👩

I blocked him- not out of spite or malice- but out of protection of my own heart💓

Because by continuing a toxic connection, I was in essence blocking myself.

Every time I compromised, every time I allowed, made a concession, justified or rationalized contact or connection, I abandoned myself😰

So I blocked him.

No more doors left cracked open giving false hope that somehow, someday, something will change.

Because it was no longer working, I blocked him: our relationship long past its expiration date, like sour milk curdled and stinking in a forgotten carton in the back of the fridge🤢

I blocked him so that I can move on.

So I can let go.

And so he can, too🙏

I love myself when I choose myself.

And in blocking him, I chose myself this Valentine’s💌

If you can relate to this message, if there’s a relationship or connection you know is long past time to let go of, may this message be your sign that it’s time✨

You can do it – you can leave, let go, BLESS and BLOCK💪

You deserve freedom, peace, true connection and partnership!

But when we hold on to broken connections, we block the exact thing we are looking for.

I know it’s not easy – for me to get to this point I had to endure deep pain.

It takes what it takes.

And it’s ok – because what I have learned I am using to help others🤩

I just hope you don’t wait as long as I did🙏

Happy Love Day from my healing heart to yours💝


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