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Meet Natalie

Natalie Speakman is a spiritual life coach, Reiki Master Teacher,and Ancestral Clearing practitioner. She offers a range of services you can read about here.

About Me

My journey into personal and spiritual development spans nearly 25 years, a path that began when I got clean and sober at the age of 22.

In my quest for growth, I've embraced an unwavering commitment to self-exploration, leaving no stone unturned in my pursuit of personal transformation.

What does this mean for you?

A coach or mentor can only take their clients as deep as they are willing to go.

I am your guide to plumb the depths with you to uncover the gold therein.

Nothing excites me more than this in both my own life and in my clients' lives - to stretch and grow spiritually;

challenging old beliefs and illuminating fresh perspectives that lead to tangible, transformative outcomes.

My Clients

My clients are individuals who crave a broader perspective in their lives.

They want to go from victim to responsible - because they know that true power resides there.

Their pursuit of spirituality and self-evolution fuels their desire to be the best version of themselves.

They want to dive deep into themselves and we go there together - to a place of profound presence where miracles occur.

My clients understand there is much more going on than what is seen in the three dimensional world, that everything is energy, and that there is a divine loving intelligence behind it all, within it all; that the fabric of it all is love.​

When you're ready to dive deep, to create new results in your life - if it is in the areas of digital nomad life, health, addiction, relationship, business, career, or self-development - reach out.

Let's get clear on what's possible for you and what you want to create.​

I AM...

I am a powerful creator of abundance, healing, and love.

I am a creative, giving, and committed woman.

I am experiencing the fullness of each moment.

I am the picture of success.

I am free in mind, body, and soul.

I experience freedom in every moment.

I am living on purpose.

I am living my soul’s calling.

I am an expert and an authority.

I am a co-creator with source and others, enjoying life’s dance in every moment.

I have time and money freedom.

I am a #1 NY Times bestselling author and speaker around the world.

I live in certainty and inner knowing.

I am at choice. I feel expansive.

I am empowered.

I am a genius storyteller. My stories inspire others to action.

I am sovereign.

I am fun. My life is full of fun and luxury.

I have flexibility in body, mind, and schedule.

I live in alignment and integrity.

I am disciplined.

I am committed.

I know my value and my worth.

I give value to others with my presence.

I am generous.

I give from my overflow in big and fun ways.

People are so happy receiving my generosity.

I am living in abundance.

I am a space of freedom, love, and pure possibility.

Want help creating your own Declarations?


Natalie personally reads and answers every message - don't hesitate to reach out.

pinkcloudmeditations @ or schedule here.

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