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Areas of Expertise


Spiritual Life Coaching

Natalie has a gift of allowing anyone she is in conversation to feel at ease. Her gentle presence elicits her clients to discover deeper levels of clarity and insight into the terrain of their lives, which opens space for possibility and transformation. See what others who have worked with Natalie have to say about their experiences here.

Third Eye Hand
Reiki Practitioner/
Master Training

Natalie offers various training programs to those ready to change their lives through the gift of Reiki.

3 Levels available – take 1, 2, or all 3.

  • Level 1 for self-healing and working on others in person.

  • Level 2 to be able to give Distance Reiki to anyone, anywhere in the world as well as across time.

  • Level 3 Reiki Master/Teacher to be able to teach and attune others.

Re-attunements also available to re-energize and help you re-commit to your practice.

Hands and Diamond
Reiki/Soulvanna Energy Healing

Natalie offers private 1:1 energy healing sessions using Reiki or Soulvanna energies. She works with people, animals, and spaces.

"Benefits include contentment, relaxation, decreased feelings of stress, fear and anxiety as well as a reduction and in some cases elimination of physical illnesses and persistent conditions are common observations from clients after a Reiki session. There are countless case studies and anecdotal research verifying the effects of Reiki sessions." - from the Traditional Usui Reiki Manual by Lisa Powers

Illustrated Portrait

Ancestral Clearing

"Ancestral Clearing is an interactive process that can change preprogrammed tendencies and rewrite what is possible for us in this life. This can lead to increased well-being, good health in general, as well as stepping more fully into our true potential, which helps in gaining a sense of fulfillment and purpose."

Ancestral Clearing with Natalie can be combined with Reiki healing for profound results. If requested, Natalie can share additional intuitions, visions, and insights gained in order to aid in deeper understanding and compassion for yourself, your family, and your lineage.

Acknowledgment to for her description of Ancestral Clearing above.

Truth Excavation

Natalie will expertly guide you on this journey within to uncover your Truth and what that means for you. Profound shifts can occur when held in loving presence while gently inquiring inside. This session is a combination of inquiry and excavation both mindful and energetic.

Bodhi Tree

Natalie uses astrology and Tarot as a springboard to receiving insights and information that is valuable for her clients in taking next actions to understanding the past and present.

Shinto Shrine Gate
Past Life Regression

Natalie offers past life regression to aid her clients in understanding. Powerful shifts can occur through this process.

Third Eye
Bespoke Meditation Guidance

Natalie creates uniquely personal guided meditation recordings to enable her clients to relax deeply and still the mind and body. Additional elements to aid clients in any area of life may be added to the meditation depending on the individual.


Natalie personally reads and answers every message - don't hesitate to reach out.

pinkcloudmeditations @ or schedule here.

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