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More than just a plate

This plate might look like nothing special, but to me it’s a symbol—a symbol of possibility, abundance, and self-love. Most of y’all know that I've been a nomad for over a decade, leaving the US in 2013. I've lived in six different countries and explored many others. I've stayed in pool villas, wooden bungalows, traditional homestays, by the beach, in the mountains, and near the biggest lake in Mexico. In all these years, I've never signed a lease, bought a place, or stayed put for too long. Maybe it’s my inner Sagittarius spirit along with my Gemini curiously craving change Fast forward to last March when I returned back to Bali. I had this strange sense to settle. To commit to a place. To go all-in here. I even entertained the idea of buying a motorbike instead of renting one, a novel concept for me. Then, the shit hit the fan in the form of some crazy drama along with illness that took me down for a while and made me question my instinct to stay. Bali is not an easy place to live for me; It's full of intense highs and lows. But despite this, a vision began to take shape—a vision of creating a home, a place that's truly mine. It feels weird and different. I don't know how or when or where it will happen, but I'm having fun playing with being in the energy daily of how it will feel as I'm sitting in my beautiful garden villa. Who knows, this might not even be in Bali, but what’s important is the feeling state I’m in as I’m dreaming it. Now, after months of exploring Bali, I find myself in an apartment off a busy street, far from my ideal. This apartment feels just right, like Goldilocks discovering Baby Bear’s bed. It’s not my forever home, but I'm fully immersing myself here, being content where I am and excited for what’s to come. The apartment is new and came barely furnished. At first, because of my nomad nature, and along with remnants of a lack and scarcity mindset, I didn't buy anything for the place, thinking I won’t be here long. But an inner impulse led me to a store, and into the linen section. I walked out with a comforter, rugs, even a new towel. It's been over a decade since I bought stuff like this. The other day, I walked into a store looking for a new coffee cup. And then I saw it—the plate. Handmade, unique, a piece of art. Old habits whispered, "Don’t waste your money on this." But then new thoughts emerged: I deserve it. I deserve to eat off something beautiful, not just from takeout boxes. It doesn’t matter that I am temporarily in this place, or where I may go next. My new stories overrode the old scarcity mindset. Driving away, an overwhelming rush of emotions hit me Gratitude, love, and joy along with happy tears—it's funny how a plate can do that. Because it’s not about the plate, it's about who I'm becoming. I’m evolving into someone who wants to own plates and comforters after a decade of living out of luggage. (Side note: I'm not saying goodbye to my nomadic ways—who knows, I might be off on another adventure soon. I'm trusting the flow. And, rainy season in Bali is coming.) Flashback to twelve years ago when I was living paycheck to paycheck, addicted to food and sugar, and just... existing. Vacations were my lifeline. I’d plan them, wait for them, go on them, then come back to "normal life." And start planning again. My marriage, my goats, and our home brought some sense of fulfillment, but I was settling, waiting for something to change. Now, I'm a successful life coach and a reiki master teacher, experiencing the world. If you told me back then that this would be my path, I seriously would not have believed it possible. So why is this plate significant? It’s really not about the plate at all. From a mind once limited by scarcity, now I embrace abundance. This plate symbolizes expansion, the next step on the journey. I invite you to join me, if you’re ready. Let's dream, create, and evolve together. This plate holds stories, and within it, the potential for your own transformation If I can do it, so can you! I love you.


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