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TRUST FALL: 2 Years Later

2 years ago today the job I’d had for almost 13 years gave me shocking news: that if I did not move back to the US from overseas where I'd been working and living for 8 years, that I would be let go. Everything in me was a HELL NO to their proposal – although it was the height of Covid and it would be crazy to quit my amazing remote job, I could not imagine moving back home and working in the office again. I was full of fear, but I also had trust. Trust in recent events that had lined up in the perfect way for me to start a life coaching business. So although I took the job news hard, I declined their proposal, retired from the corporate life, and jumped headfirst into coaching. I hired a coach to help me and it was easy at first. In the first few months of my new business, I created clients and made more money than I had made at my old job. I thought it would continue to be smooth sailing; that money and clients would just show up. Yet a few more months into it, things dried up - including my motivation.

I made excuses for myself - that I had spent over 12 years glued to a computer and wanted a break. I wanted to enjoy my life that I felt I had not been able to fully experience because of my job. Lack of self-discipline and procrastination were the demons I was dealing with. But I hung in there, riding the ebb and flow of times of abundance and lack. And I am still here. I have not quit or given up. At times I do feel discomfort and discouragement. I succumb to laziness, fear, and lack of action. Yet I carry on regardless, pushing through resistance and overcoming myself again and again. I have not ‘arrived’ by any means… but I sit here 2 years down the road a different person because of the experiences that have happened since I chose to step out of my comfort zone. I have coached hundreds of hours now – maybe even thousands. I have had many clients over the past 2 years and gotten to be with people in powerful ways and witness miracles in their lives. No matter how I feel about it on any given day, I have an inner Knowing that I am living my calling and my purpose. People ask me “what is your job, where do you work?” - and I say I don't. I don’t really ‘work’ in the traditional sense –my job is that I get to help people. Check my testimonials page on my site to see some of my clients' results (link in comments below) - they speak for themselves. It is a divine privilege to show up for people in this way. And still, I bring myself with me. Every day is not good. Things happen. Fear creeps in. Coaching is not easy. Overall it's a commitment to be of service, supporting others as they navigate change and doing hard things, overcoming themselves in order to create new results in their lives. I get to do this for myself too – show up for myself. Do the hard things. Commit and recommit. Yes, it might look glamorous seeing my posts from exotic locales - it is truly my real life And also, as you all know, I am a messy human. I come up against my shit just like everyone else. Anxiety, depression, struggle, and suffering can happen in paradise too. Yet I trust the unfolding - that I'll always be taken care of no matter what. That there are people out there waiting for my help. That I am the perfect coach for them. I have never regretted for a minute the choice I made 2 years ago to trust the unknown and take the leap into coaching. I am forever grateful and looking forward to what’s to come. I have a few spots open for 1-on-1 coaching if you’re ready to create big things in 2023.. and if you have struggled with diet and sugar like I have, and are ready to find food freedom, my Sugar Free in 2023 thirty day group challenge starts in the new year. If you feel the inner nudge to reach out – honor it. Let’s have a conversation. It might just change your life.


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