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Money Mindset Resources

Valuable tools & talks that will make a difference

Listen first

We have agreements within our group - this audio gives clarity as well as powerful distinctions between having expectations and creating agreements.

Expectations vs AgreementsSteve Chandler
00:00 / 30:02

Guided meditation exercises from Overcoming Underearning

Discover Your Earnings Ceiling

Discover Your Earnings CeilingBarbara Stanny
00:00 / 04:03

Talking To Myself

Talking To MyselfBarbara Stanny
00:00 / 05:58

Rapid Transformational Therapy Reprogramming Recordings

Listen for at least 21 days in a row - if you miss a day, start over again on Day 1 until you achieve 21 days consecutively.

For solopreneurs/coaches/practitioners

Wealth Reprogramming for practictioners/coaches/solopreneursNatalie Speakman
00:00 / 21:54

For those in a traditional 9-5 career setting

This recording has a lot of Rooster Joy in the background

Wealth Reprogramming - generalNatalie Speakman
00:00 / 13:38

Ancestral Clearing Prayer

Comprehensive Abundance Prayer. Listen daily or more.

Comprehensive Abundance PrayerNatalie Speakman
00:00 / 04:00

Steve Chandler Talks

The Owner Victim Choice - required listening for all underearners, codependents, and those that struggle with low self esteem. Basically, most everyone.

The Owner Victim ChoiceSteve Chandler
00:00 / 31:28

The How To vs the Want To - listen when you get lost in, "how will I do this?" to orient you back to your commitment to doing it no matter what.

The How To vs the Want ToSteve Chandler
00:00 / 22:12

You'll Get What You Ask For - listen when coming up against taking an action out of your comfort zone where you feel you may get rejected or told No.

You'll Get What You Want By Asking For ItSteve Chandler
00:00 / 28:45

Welcoming Every Circumstance - listen when you are believing thoughts, stories, limiting beliefs, and perceptions that don't serve you.

Welcoming Every CircumstanceSteve Chandler
00:00 / 16:50

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Buttons open in new window to a Google Drive file

Generating Abundance - Explanation - listen first

Generating Abundance - Meditation

Tuning Into New Potentials - Meditation

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - Audiobook

Other Resources

  • Get Rich, Lucky Bitch - Denise Duffield-Thomas

  • How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever - Victor Boc

  • The Illusion of Money - Kyle Cease


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