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Transform Yourself

Are You Ready?
Are You:
  • Open minded to new perspectives?

  • Willing to step out of your comfort zone to create new possibilities in your life?

  • Learning to be deeply with yourself and the present moment?

But – despite all of your successes – do you:
  • Hold yourself back by not taking action?

  • Not trust yourself through years of self sabotage and playing small?

  • Succumb to limiting beliefs and old mindsets and stay stuck in old habits?

Do you have a secret dark side to your gifts that most people never see? Maybe:
  • Your enthusiasm burns out quicker than you can act?

  • You go through life sampling things like a buffet, but never really taking a leap and committing to anything?

  • Your highly evolved sense of awareness keeps you stuck in analysis paralysis?

If this sounds like you, then you and I should have a conversation. Get in touch!

Support That Makes a Difference

Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki & Energy Healing, Reiki Training, Ancestral Clearing, Tarot

A miracle is simply a shift in perception. During a powerful coaching conversation, miracles can occur. Possibilities that were hidden become clear. Truth reveals itself. A path forward forms where there was none before.

Natalie facilitates a space of deep presence and love where these changes can happen. Through coaching, energy healing, and other modalities, possibilities open for healing, insight, and forward action. Clients who have worked with Natalie have made transformations in their diet and lifestyle, addiction recovery, career transition, entrepreneurship, relationships, and physical health. Read their results here.


Contact Natalie - Book a Session

Please use the form below to inquire about or schedule a complimentary Connection Call with Natalie in order to discover the possibilities for you to create transformation in your own life through Spiritual Life Coaching.

Additionally, you may also use the contact form to book any of the following services:

  • Ancestral Clearing, Reiki, or Soulvanna intuitive healing session for people, animals, or spaces

  • Become a Reiki practitioner/Master/Teacher

  • Truth Excavation session

  • Tarot/Oracle Card reading

  • Bespoke Meditation Guidance

Natalie is also a Teacher on the #1 free meditation app Insight Timer. Please give her a follow by clicking Follow in the Player below. You can join her Livestreams every week as she gives Reiki and inspired, intuitive guidance. Also be sure to check out her powerful guided meditations in the app.

You can send Natalie an email at hello @ nataliemspeakman. com.

You may also contact and follow Natalie using the social buttons below.

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Contact Natalie

Transformation in progress...

Natalie replies personally to every message received.

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